Travel Guide to Mythical Transylvania

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December 9, 2021 | 4 min read

Travel Guide to Mythical Transylvania

You might think that Transylvania is fictional place of creepy castles, flapping bats, bloodthirsty vampires or howling wolves. We have to disappoint you! Transylvania is real and more beautiful than you can imagine! This is a region of flower-filled meadows, cheerfully hued towns with churches and castles.

This so called “the last truly medieval landscape in Europe” still feels undiscovered and takes you back in time where horse-drawn carts rumble along the roads and shepherds tend their flocks. However, Transylvania has many reasons to be proud of. If you are nature lover, you will find it perfect for wild animal spotting. Mountains lovers will admire the greatness of Fagaras mountains. Although the country had to suffer brutal communist regime, people managed to save these gems of Romania, which we are going to reveal.


Cluj-Napoca – ‘Heart of Transylvania’ – very pleasant and vibrant city that has a lot of stories to share with you and charming architecture of 18th – 19th centuries that reminds about Austro-Hungarian empire. Cluj is always full of people sitting in the bars or bohemian cafes. We fell in love with Cluj! It is welcoming city so take time to explore it and enjoy its cheerful vibe!


Brasov city is located in center of Romania surrounded by beautiful towering mountains, rolling fields, thick forests and villages with fortified churches. It has a is magnificent Old Town filled with many colorful buildings and picturesque architecture. Stroll around the city exploring its jewels like or walk through one of the narrowest streets in Europe called Rope street!


Sibiu is extremely vibrant city with amazing atmosphere in the air. It has this Germanic aura surrounding it as the city was built by German settlers known as Transylvanian Saxons. Sibiu’s Old town has many architecture heritages from the days powerful guilds dominated regional trade there. Nowadays the city at nights is people all happy and enjoying the life!


Sighisoara is famous for being one of the most beautiful and best-preserved medieval towns in Europe. The city is perfectly intact 16th century jewel with colorful narrow streets it could compete with most of the well know cities for stunning magical atmosphere. Fun fact is that this city was the birthplace of Vlad Dracula, also known as Vlad the Impaler, the one who inspired Bram Stoker’s fictional creation, Count Dracula. A must visit town if you ask us!


Bran is famous for legendary medieval Bran Castle. Which fame comes from a legend related to Vlad the Impaler who later became an inspiration for Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel – “Dracula”. Therefore, nowadays it is associated as in the region and beyond as “Dracula’s Castle”. Due to legends and myths it is a super highly touristed area, but still Bran Castle is beautiful and worth visiting.


Hunedoara is a Transylvania’s jewel, situated in southwestern part of Transylvania near the Poiana Rusca Mountains. This city holds magical and one of the most important Gothic-style secular buildings in whole Romania – Corvin Castle! It is a stunning structure from both outside and inside. We enjoyed wandering through the castle and exploring it. It is just too good to miss while traveling through the country!

Salina Turda

One of the oldest and largest salt mine museums in the world whose futuristic interior reminded us the headquarters of the well-known superhero Batman.  Spectacular salt mine was carved manually by free people and explosives were never used to hollow the mine! The mine has an incredible amusement park located 120 meters underground that makes you feel like walking in science of fiction movie.

Rosia Montana

Rosia Montana is a small charming Romanian village located in western Transylvania that sits on the largest gold deposits in whole Europe and holds the world’s largest intact roman mining tunnels. Surrounded by spectacular mountains, forests and archaeological sites near the village lies a remarkable size open-pit gold mine that once had to become the largest in Europe.

We covered just a small part as there are many more places you can visit in Transylvania. Explore smaller towns and villages, visit castles, climb to the highest peak, take a ride the most beautiful road or just hang out with local people – they are all amazing!

Best of luck planning your holidays in Romania!

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