Top 10 Places To Visit With Your Family In Denmark

by Longitude Latitude and Attitude
December 9, 2021 | 4 min read

Top 10 Places To Visit With Your Family In Denmark

Planning a trip to Denmark soon? Check out our guide to the top 10 things you don’t want to miss. This is a comprehensive list of the best things to do in Denmark. From the famous Nyhavn canal and beautiful castles, see for yourself why Denmark is the happiest place on Earth!


Skagen, Denmark

This is our favorite thing to see in Denmark! To see two different seas (North and Baltic) meet and being able to stand in them both at the same time is amazing. If you are in Denmark, you definitely do not want to miss Skagen. There are also a couple of German bunkers from WWII along the beach. This was a nice surprise and fun to explore.

Even though we went in July, it was cold and windy. So make sure that you check the weather before you head there or anywhere in Denmark, to be fair. No matter the weather, this is still such a fun experience.

Side note: Once we went up to Skagen (the northernmost point in Denmark) we had been to all sides of Denmark. Out west to Esbjerg, east to Copenhagen, south to the German border, and now north to the tip!

We got lucky and came across these guys. It was so much fun watching them play with each other.


When I think of Denmark I think of this world-famous, colorful canal. It is most certainly the most Instagrammable place in all of Denmark. It is located in Copenhagen (the capital) which is the farthest east point of Denmark. Here you can eat, drink or just walk around and enjoy the danish hygge atmosphere. Vaffelbageren Nyhavn, our favorite ice cream place, is one thing we never miss every time we visit Copenhagen.


This is such a fun amusement park for all ages. The parents love the gardens and food and the kids love the rides and sweet treats. There are two ticket options, which is nice for the ones who don’t want to ride any rides. They just have to pay an entrance ticket, which costs less.


This castle is on the same island as Copenhagen, but worth the drive no matter where you are coming from. This castle still holds the original baroque chapel from its construction in 1581. Along with being the largest Renaissance castle in all of Scandinavia, it is nicknamed the Versailles of Denmark.


This unique circle bridge is perfect for all water and nature lovers. It is located near Aarhus (Denmark’s second-largest city) just a couple of kilometers south of the city. The beach offers a picturesque place to sit and relax for the day. Being so close to the city ensures that there is plenty to do nearby. We recommend eating at Aarhus street food!


This amusement park has it all. One of the first things you see after entering is tiny towns from around the world made completely out of legos, how cool! The first picture below shows a model of the Rosenberg castle, which we talk about next in this blog post. There is also the Nyhavn canal and, of course, Mimi teaching Maddox about the Eiffel Tower.

The park also has tons of rides available for all ages and even a small aquarium. The whole family had fun here!


This castle can be found in the city of Copenhagen. This makes it relatively easy to access by foot or train from most places in the city. We loved strolling through the garden surrounding the castle. It is a very beautiful place to explore.

Rosenborg castle Copenhagen, Denmark


This place is fun for all history lovers. Outside of the museum, there are two stones dating back to the 10th century. On these stones, the word ‘Denmark’ was written for the first time and became unified. The larger stone is from Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson, where the word Bluetooth comes from!


These concrete giants can be found on the southwest coast overlooking the ocean. They are located west of Esbjerg next to Sædding Beach. They were installed in 1995 to commemorate the centennial of the Esbjerg municipality.


Since we moved here, we have had so much fun learning about Danish heritage. The Danes are quite proud to be Vikings, so we enjoy going to Viking museums to learn more about their long, interesting history.

We have had so much fun exploring Denmark! There is so much more we have to see in the country, so we look forward to many more stay-cations in the future. And as always, don’t forget to collect moments, not things.

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