The Best and Most Remarkable Hidden Gems Near Amsterdam

by Kooky Loves to Travel
December 9, 2021 | 3 min read

The Best and Most Remarkable Hidden Gems Near Amsterdam

In the lush greenery of De Braak park

The Kingdom of the Netherlands, known as the Netherlands, is a country famous for windmills, tulips and Stroopwafels. Amsterdam, its capital city, is widely popular for cannabis and Red Light District. However, there’s a lot more to explore in both Amsterdam and the whole Netherlands. I bet you haven’t heard there’s a pyramid in the Netherlands? Or Micropia in Amsterdam, the only museum in the world that displays the world of micro-organisms?

Today I will guide you through one of the most beautiful parks in The Netherlands – De Braak. If you are a nature lover and photographer, this is a photographers dream. This park is one of the most unique places I have visited in the Netherlands and definitely one of the best hidden gems in the area of Amsterdam/Amstelveen.

Greenery and a lake of De Braak park

Surrounded by the lush greenery and gorgeous flowers, it is the perfect place to spend the day outside of the busy Amsterdam.

Institute in De Braak park Amstelveen


‘Heme’ stands for native which means that the plants are among the original wild plants of the country together with some exotic plants that are not native.

Beautiful flower in De Braak park
red and purple flowers in De Braak park


The construction of the park begin in the late 1930s. The park has been made as a walking opportunity and for relaxation. In the beginning, the surface was very wet, poor and acidic, in short – not attractive to many crop. So, Dutch people decided to make use of their own native plants and De Braak became a park with species that fit wet, poor and sour peat.

Greenery in De Braak park
Lake in De Braak park in Amstelveen
De Braak park wooden bridge in Amstelveen


This gorgeous, a secret park, is located in the municipality of Amstelveen, 8 km from Amsterdam. Amstelveen is a charming city where many families find their home to run away from hustle and bustle of Amsterdam. ⠀

In the middle of De Braak park


Anytime but spring is the best time because most of the flowers in the park are spring flowers.

Standing on the wooden bridge in De Braak park


There’s even an app about De Braak to download with all the flower explanations and striking birds such as mute swan, kingfisher etc.⠀
DE BRAAK is even a national monument.⠀

De Braak park in Amstelveen


We didn’t use the app, we just walked around and enjoyed in intensive and lovely smells of flowers.

I would highly recommend this park to anyone who loves nature and quite places. Although, it can get noisy due to Schiphol Airport near by, but usually the birds are much more louder than anything else. 🙂

Greenery in De Braak park in Amstelveen, The Netherlands
Walking in De Braak park in Amstelveen

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