The 8 Best Beaches to Go to in the Algarve

by Forever Wanderers
December 9, 2021 | 5 min read

The 8 Best Beaches to Go to in the Algarve

A man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

Andre Gide

If you decide to visit Algarve’s region, your choice will be probably influenced because of its variety of amazing beaches.

Tourism has increased impressively for a few years in this region. And as for the Algarve beaches, they became one of the most popular destinations in Portugal.

So, today’s mission is to guide you through the best spots of this place and share with you the reasons to visit them.

Let’s dive into it ?

1 – Praia do Camilo, in Lagos

If you are on the hunt for the most beautiful beaches in Algarve, the first one that pops up in our head is definitely this one. Its atypic rock formation gives it this incredible charm.

What’s this beach is special for ?

This is also one of the greatest spots of all Algarve to witness the sunrise. When the sun slowly shows itself from the blue ocean, it turns everything around golden and red.  With the contrast of blues from the ocean and the sky, the show is simply breathtaking. You will be rewarded for waking up early, we can assure you this !

2 – Praia Dona Ana, in Lagos

Less known, this beach is however spoiled with the same scenery than Praia do Camilo.

What’s this beach is special for ?

Like its neighbour, Praia Dona Ana is a great spot to admire the first colours of the day.

On top of that, Dona Ana is a more spacious beach and its water is really calm. Which makes it a perfect spot for a swim, but also for the ones that want to give a try for the first time to kayaking or stand-up paddle.

3 – Praia do Falésia, in Albufeira

WAHOU ! That’s literally the reaction that comes straight when you arrive at Praia do Falésia. Located in Albufeira, one of the most famous Algarve’s destination, this beach is really popular among tourists.

What’s this beach is special for ?

Well, as its name let suppose, this beach takes your breath away from the beginning with its gorgeous red cliff (Cliff : Falésia). Once you are down, you can walk for hours along this immense beach. Along the way, you will discover little private beaches, protected by some rocky formations, idyllic if you want some privacy in this touristic place.

4 – Praia da Mareta, in Sagres

Sagres is a beautiful beach town at the western tip of Portugal. Mareta is the principal beach over there, easily accessible with several parkings around.

What’s this beach is special for ?

Once again, it’s a spacious beach and a great spot to surf. The waves are easy to catch and the currents aren’t too strong, which are the perfect conditions to learn to surf for the first time.  Go for it, the waves are waiting for you.

5 – Praia do Beliche, in Sagres

Want some adrenaline ? Well, I can’t recommend you more Praia do Beliche.

It’s a bit further, after Praia da Mareta.

What’s this beach is special for ?

This beach is smaller than Algarve’s beach average. But it’s a spot mainly filled with locals and surfers. The waves are one of the greatest I’ve ever seen, perfect for advanced surfers.

The vibes are incredible.

6 – Praia Três Irmãos, in Portimão

This one is my absolute crush. Like all crushes, you can’t really explain why some place like this leaves you speechless.

What’s this beach is special for ?

This beach has everything to please people. Fine sand, hidden caves, beautiful arches carved into the stone by the waves… It’s such a wonderful expression of Mother Nature !

7 – Praia do Faro, in Faro

In the capital of Algarve, Praia do Faro is once again a long sandy beach.

What’s this beach is special for ?

This flat and spacious beach isn’t only nice for a swim, it’s also idyllic for to practice meditation and yoga. All along the way, you can find a few restaurants and bars, which makes it a great place to chill at night. Its geographical position also offers the chance to see beautiful sunrises. Not a morning person ? Don’t worry, from the same beach you can enjoy the sunset as well. Perfect isn’t ?

8 – Praia de Odeceixe, in Odeceixe

Along the West Coast, preserved by the massive tourism, there is plenty of treasures waiting for you to explore them. The city of Odeceixe and its beach is one of them.

What’s this beach is special for ?

The beach has a few little hippie shops and a delicious restaurant with vegan options.

There are countless possibilities of hikes to do around and it’s allowed to camp near the beach, the dream for the road trippers. Plus, the waves are like ribbons, stretching gracefully to the beach. Which makes this spot great for surfing as well.

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