Silverstream Alpaca Farmstay: Mix with over 200 Alpaca’s

by KNYCX Journeying
December 9, 2021 | 1 min read

Silverstream Alpaca Farmstay: Mix with over 200 Alpaca’s

After a smooth landing, we checked into our farm stay cottage at the Silverstream Alpaca Farm. The farm stay is a mere 30-minutes north of Christchurch city center and the owners, Kit, and Sheryl kept an elite herd of 200 alpacas. They operate two cottage farm stay next to their home, and both of them were warm, comfy and homey. Once we settled down, I couldn’t wait to interact with the lovable alpacas, quietly grazing and being adorable in nearby fields. The farm stays organized farm tours but as we were house guests, we could walk around the nearby fields and play with the alpacas anytime. When we entered the field, we were advised by Kit to sit on the lawn and kept ourselves lower than them so the alpaca felt less intimidated. It was so much fun when so many alpacas (yes, a hundred of them) approached us curiously!

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