Local and Street Food With an Evening Drink in Vilnius

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December 9, 2021 | 4 min read

Local and Street Food With an Evening Drink in Vilnius

Vilnius is a perfect place to try Lithuanian cuisine and go out for a drink or more in the evening as it has considerably best night life in whole country. For people who like different bars and restaurants Vilnius old town will be a place to wander, spot and explore. And if we look outside the old town, we can easily locate even more places to hang out. Therefore, if you are looking for great local tips of where to try local food or some evening drinks, you came to the right place!

Local & Street Food

In order to familiarize with Lithuanian cuisine, there are couple places we recommend you go to. First is “Senoji Trobelė“ located in the new town district, Naugardukas street 36, it is around 15-20 minutes’ walk from Vincas Kudirka square, they have great food and good service. Second is “Belmontas”, it is a bit further from city center, however, if you decide to go there, you can additionally explore nature of Vilnius, keep in mind, that when the weather is good there you will always find lots of people. Last but not least is “Amatininkų užeiga“ located near the Town hall, it is usually loaded with lots of tourists.

If you want to try street food go to “Keulė Rūkė” located in Pylimo 66, there you will find delicious pulled pork burgers and ribs. They have interesting exterior design which is why this place is often visited by many tourists. Moreover, every year during warm season you can visit “Open Kitchen Vilnius”. From 28th of April 2019 on every Friday and Saturday the place opens its doors from 11:30 am till midnight. Place is located in “Tymo turgus” area on Maironis and Aukštaičiai streets intersection.

Evening Drinks

If you like beer you are in the right place! In Vilnius you can find good beer in almost any bar or restaurant you visit. The town is actually a paradise for beer lovers. Craft beer from local microbreweries is everywhere. However, there are couple exceptional bars where you can find many beer brands under one roof. First is “Alaus namai” or Beer home, which is located a bit further from the main bar and restaurant streets near river Neris. Here you can find a lot of local draft beer, wooden interior and comparatively low prices. Second is “Alaus biblioteka” or Beer library, which is in Traku street. Here you can find the biggest amount of different beer kinds in whole city. However, the prices there are quite high compared to other bars in town, so keep that in mind.

However, if beer is not what you enjoy most, Vilnius has a huge range of cocktail bars, and finding your favorite cocktail can be a real challenge. There are places like “Apoteka” located in Visu Sventuju street 5, where you can get unique and great cocktails or “Spiritus” located in Ausros vartu street 4, where you can enjoy local vibe and friendly bartenders while also getting a shot of the drink you like. Moreover, we need to mention couple more places where you can enjoy not only the drink but also a view of the city. If you decide to enjoy Old Town view from above, we encourage you to visit Sky Bar which is on the 22nd floor of the Radisson Blu Hotel. If you want to hang out in the tallest building in Vilnius, the TV tower restaurant located 165 meters above ground and it also offers spectacular 360-degree view of the city.

In Vilnius there are couple places to go on a night out. First is The Golden Triangle on Vilnius and Islandija Streets, where you can find perfect conditions to dance and drink cocktails. Second is Saviciaus Street where you can easily meet locals, enjoy the air filled with a liberal atmosphere and lively conversations. Last but not least is Bermuda Square on Etmonu Street, where you can share some late-night food and a craft beer. These are three must-visit places for at least a drink or two. In Bermuda Square sharing some late-night food and a craft beer is probably the ideal choice.

Best of luck planning your trip in Vilnius!

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