Les Cabanes du Mont-Blanc: A Night in the Trees

by Forever Wanderers
December 9, 2021 | 3 min read

Les Cabanes du Mont-Blanc: A Night in the Trees

Unusual : adjective,Not habitually, not ordinary” or also defined as “Remarkable or interesting because different from or better than others“.

We would definitely pick the second definition to describe the experience we lived a couple of months ago : A night in the trees in the French Alps.

More precisely it was in Plaine Joux, near the famous ski resort of Chamonix.  This region is known for its incomparable nature : mountains, glaciers, forests, lakes… We could go on for hours. It’s a must if you decide to visit France.

It was actually a Christmas gift for Pedro, as I knew that sleeping in a tree was a kid’s dream of his. And to be fair, the idea of a romantic gateway in nature, surrounded by the beautiful sounds of the forest, was quite charming for me as well.

What’s the concept ?

This beautiful place we are talking about, named “Les Cabanes du Mont-Blanc“, is composed of 6 wooden cabins :

3 Mont Blanc, suitable for 4 persons. Cosy and spacious, this is the highest cabin and the terrace it’s offering you a magnificent view of the Mont-Blanc.

La Verte, suitable for 4 persons. That’s actually the one we’ve chosen. This one is the most isolated and extremely comfy. We could enjoy a beautiful sunrise from our terrace.

Les Cristaux, suitable for 4 persons. This one is in the very heart of the forest, facing the Mont-Blanc.

La Marmotte & La Mont Blanc, both suitable for 6 people. Built on 3 trees, those are the familial ones.

Le Trappeur, suitable for 2 people. This lovely cabin is specially made for the lovers. Perched at 3,5 meters, it’s surrounded by fruit trees.

In the morning, the owners will bring you a delicious homemade breakfast in a basket that you will be able to enjoy on your terrace, with a 5-star hotel view. If you wish, you can also book in advance a typical Savoyard dinner, with the best local ingredients.

Why do we recommend it ?

–  Few breathtaking hikes nearby,

– A unique view on the mountains, including the famous “Mont-Blanc“,

– Enjoying the silence and occasionally the birds singing.

– Beautiful “Green Lake” 10 minutes away by walk,

– Nature’s (re)connection,

– The sentiment of inner peace.

– Apart from the world,

– Lost in the wild,

– Break the routine and the comfort zone.

The eco add value

On top of being an incredible experience, this was also extremely satisfying eco – traveling speaking.

First, there is no electricity. The only lighting is the natural one from the sun.

And when this one sets down, you will have a big lamp, working with a battery also useable as a charger for your electronic items.

Second, dry toilets. Indeed, this place is against the unnecessary waste of water, that‘s why you will have dry toilets in your cabin. It’s completely hygienic as you recover everything with some wood chips.

And the final bonus, it’s a family business. Helping the local tourism industry is something that becomes more and more fundamental for us.

Let’s promote those hard workers, putting their hearts and souls in their businesses, in order to provide their guests the best experience ever. The same workers also working in harmony with the nature and respecting it.

✾ ✾ ✾

Hoping this will convince you to give it a try and escape from the comfort zone and the routine.

Thanks a lot for your time. ??

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Any thoughts, tips or questions?

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