Harry Potter Studio Tour, London

by ShegoWandering
December 9, 2021 | 4 min read

Harry Potter Studio Tour, London

Personal experience in the Harry Potter studios

Well, I basically grew up on Harry Potter movies and books. This might sound ridiculous, but I’m still making time every 2-3 months to watch all the movies over and over again. Guess, it’s not so surprising though, that when I’ve decided to visit London, the first thing on my list was the Harry Potter studios.

No matter what age you have, Harry Potter studios are super, super cool, and enjoyable for all generations! Here’s my ultimate guide!

Arriving from London – Trains

England has a pretty great train network and it’s the cheapest and fastest way to get to the studios from London. From Euston train station, you’ll need to find the train going to Hartford Junction.

Check the time table to make sure, but they are usually scheduled for every 20-30 minutes. Tickets will be £10,00 and for those who’re not familiar, it’s good to get a round ticket, as it’s much cheaper!

The tickets are valid for 24h so you can use them whenever. To cut the journey shorter, keep in mind, that there are two trains to Hartford Junction! One is a snail, stopping every 2 minutes – that’ll take 45minutes – and there’s another which takes just 15 minutes.

You can use the same ticket for both trains, so make sure you’re getting on the faster one!

In Hartford Junction, the studio buses are stopping on the left-hand side near the station. Tickets are £2,50/one way and the journey takes somewhere around 15 minutes. Take some cash with you, as on the bus credit cards are not accepted! On the way back, the bus will drop you again at the train station.

Book your ticket in advance!

You have to book your ticket online, and it can be easily done here!

– I’ve booked my ticket for the studio tour with £39,00 back then. Even if I did this two months in advance, all tickets were sold out for the weekend.

After purchasing the ticket, save your confirmation email as you’ll need to present it upon arrival. Entering the building, you’ll pass the control zone, and head to the queue for the tour. Photography is allowed in most parts of the studio.

Discover on your own the Harry Potter studios

People are entering in groups, but after the very first stop, you won’t have to stick with anyone, there is no guide. You can just wander around on your own, and live the moment! Right, so let’s see some highlights of the tour. I will show you just a few details now, as I think it’s much more enjoyable to discover it all yourselves!

1. Some familiar scenes in the Harry Potter studios

2. “Fantastic beasts” – Meet all our favorite creatures over the movies

Like Buckbeak, Doby, Aragog, Fox, and many-many more.

3. “Albus Dumbledore is the greatest sorcerer in the world.” H.P.

This was for me the highlight of the tour in the Harry Potter studios! I’ve been soooo excited at this one!!! Everything looked just like in the movie, the pictures, the walls, the books, everything. It felt so real, that for a second I thought I’m in the story.

4. The Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter studios 

5. Butterbeer – Just like in the Three Brumsticks Inn

You cannot leave the studio tour without stopping for a butterbeer! Truth to be told, it does have a pretty interesting taste, but it’s a MUST experience! It’s basically beer with sweet whipped cream.

!! Good news for kiddos: It has NO ALCOHOL in it, so everyone can have a pint!

6. Do your school start shopping for Hogwarts

While arriving at the end of the tour, you’ll walk through the shop. You can find there wands (Yes, even Dumbledore’s Elder Wand), cloths, accessories, books, and all kinds of souvenirs. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Griffindol or Slytherin fan, you’ll find the perfect present for yourself or your loved ones!


So, these are the highlights I wanted to share with you from the Harry Potter studios. Truth to be told, it’s not the cheapest thing to do, but it’s so worth it! I am so happy I’ve decided to do this tour, that I’m actually thinking to plan another one, before moving away from England.

I hope I answered your questions around the topic and the pictures inspired you to book your ticket to the world of magic! ♥

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