Bondi Beach and Bronte Coastal Walk

by KNYCX Journeying
December 8, 2021 | 3 min read

Bondi Beach and Bronte Coastal Walk

Lastly but definitely not least, visit the Bondi Beach. It’s amazing that in merely 45 minutes, we were at the world’s famous beach from the city center. Take a train to Bondi Junction, and there are buses lined up outside that head to the beach for about 20 minutes. I was distracted by the amazing view of the blue water, and I left my camera on the bus when I got off, I had to chase the bus all the way uphill to the Campbell Parade and luckily the camera was still there! For anything, it was the best location to have a little jog. The sand of the beach is fine, and the color of the water is indeed mesmerizing. If you are visiting during the summer, you must not pass up the chance to spend some time on the beach and enjoy some sunshine.


A perfect beach should have perfect sands and water, and more importantly, waves. A top-up, is an infinity pool next to the infinite pacific ocean.

Even if you are there in winter (which might not be ideal to go into the water) there are other things to do other than beachy things: Skateboarding, surfing, and exploring the Bondi Markets. Just sipping a cup of coffee at the Bondi Pavilion and enjoy the view. To be a little bit more luxurious, visit the Bondi Icebergs Pool. It’s a well-known winter swimming club with outdoor pools by Bondi Beach. However, travelers may not be able to have a dip, it is possible to visit the club’s bistro there it offers indoor and outdoor seating and a panoramic view of the Beach and the pools.

One of my favorite beaches on the Bondi beach in Sydney – I like visiting there especially when it’s not scorching in the summer, but the sun comes out and the beach is not so crowded. I love the beach because of its variety and accessibility: It is merely 30-minute away from the bustling city center, and even if visitors don’t plan on swimming or surfing on the beach that day – they could have a walk along the waterfront, chill out on the sand, marvel at the magnificent views along the Coogee walk, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee at a beachside cafe. There’s always something to do and have fun, the place is dynamic but also relaxing.
More, the Icebergs’ swimming club has an infinity pool right by the ocean. It has the best views of the Bondi beach and a cute little cafe, while the swimmers could still have a taste of the Pacific Ocean’s water.

After a drink in the club, go out and walk along the coast to Coogee and Bronte. The edge of the cliff is a breathtaking urban coastal walking track with a breathtaking view and special rock formations.

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