Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center: Take a Walk on the Wild Side

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December 8, 2021 | 3 min read

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center: Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Meet some furry, four legged, Alaskan natives at the the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. It is located at mile 79 off of the Seward Highway in Portage Valley and is surrounded by the glorious Chugach Mountain Range and Turnagain Arm Inlet.

Walk or drive the 1.5 mile loop to view the 200 acres of animal enclosures, and the most beautiful scenery you’ll ever seen in your life. We visited on a cold, windy day in November so we opted to drive .

The conservation center is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to preserving the wildlife of Alaska, through education, research, conservation and quality animal care.

We met the resident moose and the Musk Ox below, separated by a fence, of course.

AWCC takes in injured and orphaned animals year round. Most of whom will become permanent residents.

Could this setting be anymore beautiful?

Check out the Reindeer! What a beautiful sight they are.

I happened to catch a bird in flight in the picture below as he was coming in for a landing.

The views here are amazing!

Such a gorgeous place. Depending on the season, the road can be pretty muddy, so make sure you throw on your “Xtratufs”, and watch out for the pot holes too. They can be brutal.

The locals include this coyote, along with a fox that I couldn’t get a clear picture of…

a Porcupine just “chillin” on a rock….

and this stunningly beautiful Bald Eagle.

No need to run….they’re just metal cut-outs. They do look real though.

This guy below was in the “medical quarantine” area. Poor fella

What a gorgeous white wolf. He looks so cuddly, but………probably not.

This guy looks ferocious. He’s actually in the middle of a yawn. Probably still ferocious.

Make sure to pay attention to the signs, or this could happen to you. Thanks to Neal for the impromptu demonstration.

The red, barn roofed, buildings look perfect set against the mountain backdrop.

Last but not least……the gift shop. There’s always a gift shop.

We had a great time visiting The Alaska Wildlife Convention Center. It’s definitely an “Alaskan” thing to do if you’re in the area.

If you visit in the summer, you will be able to see the bears. We did see one, but he climbed into his den before I could get a picture.

The AWCC offers educational tours during the summer months as well. It’s a perfect little outing for adults and kids alike. They are open year round but check their website for hours, they may differ during the winter season.

Visit for more information.

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