6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Notting Hill in London

by ShegoWandering
December 9, 2021 | 4 min read

6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Notting Hill in London

If you’re a frequent visitor on this blog, you might have already noticed, that I prefer more colorful, warm destinations. Well, London is not really colorful or warm either, but I would be lying if I say that it doesn’t have some spectacular colorful sides! One of these would be Notting Hill, my favorite neighborhood in London.

I’ll have to admit, today, before I started writing this article, I watched the Notting Hill movie for the first time in my life. You know the one with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant chasing each other, playing around, then turning the whole thing in a romantic happy ending…

It didn’t really had too much to do with this article, but as some of my favorite destinations are related to my favorite travel movies, I thought at least I should quickly have a look at this one before writing anything. Well, my day trip to Notting Hill didn’t end up in a romantic story with a British guy, but we did have an unforgettable summer day with my friend!

#1 Colourful terraced houses in Notting Hill

This would be the reason I really wanted to visit Notting Hill! Loads and loads of streets with beautiful, colorful terraced houses. It’s something really remarkable that I really, really loved after the cloudy, grey days. Around the Portobello road market, there are many streets with different styles and types of terraced houses, each having different colors but the same style of architecture.

#2 Portobello road market

I’ve been so far just in Camden Town and Notting Hill to discover road markets in London, but Portobello was the one where I had to stop at each stand, to check out the goodies. The beauty in this place is, that there are so many unique things you just want to buy them all! You can find all kinds of different goodies from different cultures. For me, it was again a colorful heaven and I wasn’t lying when I said I wanted to buy everything…

#3 Street Food

Even if you visit this place right after feeding yourself, you’ll definitely get hungry here again! Everything looks delicious and tasty and attractive, you just can’t get away without getting something to eat! What I loved the most, is again the mix of cultures. Many stands of traditional food from different sides of the planet. Prepare yourself for some amazing food, my dears!

#4 Hidden Latin gems

I heard the lambada from outside the street, and as soon as I did, as someone who’s crazy about everything that’s Latin, I was running to find the source of the music. Well, right at the end of the road with the street food there’s this old warehouse building you can see below on the picture, with South American artists, a bar to get drinks and people randomly dancing between the tables on this full-blown music. It wasn’t up for discussion, that we had to sit there for a drink to listen to the music, dance on our chair and watch others enjoying the vibes and dancing without any problem. Fantastic experience!

#5 Discover the beautiful mews

So what is the mews? Mews is a row or street of houses or flats that have been converted from stables or built to look like former stables, like this pink one behind us. Unfortunately, I was way too distracted at the time and I didn’t capture any other mews but it’s something very popular in London, and well, in England. In Notting Hill, the difference is, that these are very eye-catching and colorful as well!

#6 Westbourne Grove – Notting Hill

Westbourne Grove is the street you want to visit to find more colorful terraced houses, beautiful shops, bookshops, amazing restaurants, and cute cafes. It’s a retail street running through Notting Hill, where you can find anything your eyes and belly want!

Final thoughts

Notting Hill is a truly unique experience while visiting London. It’s a great spot to discover while spending just a few hours here or a full day. For both options, there are enough things to see and do! It’s definitely a place for those who are chasing good vibes and colorful things, away from the crowds.

From Victoria Train Station it takes about 30 minutes to get to Notting Hill with a doubledecker. It’s pretty much easy to get there from anywhere, just check out the easiest route on your google maps!

I would also like to give a warning here! This isn’t a personal experience, but I’ve heard from many Londoners! People said it’s not a safe area after 8 pm, especially if you’re wandering around alone. Just keep this in mind, please!

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