3 of the Best Farmers Markets in Seattle

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December 9, 2021 | 6 min read

3 of the Best Farmers Markets in Seattle

Come rain or shine you can always count on Seattle’s farmers markets to be there for you. This is a very good thing since there’s more rain than shine in this beautiful city in the Pacific Northwest.

Here are three of Seattle’s most awesome farmers markets. Make sure to visit at least one.

Pike Place Market

Undoubtedly the most famous public market in the U.S. is Pike Place Market. You more than likely have seen this sign in a few movies, “Sleepless in Seattle’ being one.

Pike Place Market opened August 17th 1907 and is one of the oldest continuously operated public farmers markets in the U.S. and no doubt the busiest.

This one of a kind market hosts over 10 million visitors a year, all of which seem to be there at the same time that I am.

It is Seattle’s most popular tourist destination and the 33rd most visited tourist attraction in the world.

Fresh fish galore! Who doesn’t need a whole octopus for $9.99 a pound.

Stop by the fish market and watch the fish mongers slinging the daily catch through the air to be caught a wrapped on the other side of the counter. It’s free entertainment and fun to watch.

Look at the size of those lobster tails, the seafood here is amazing. Everything is big, fresh and locally caught.

Besides the fresh seafood, you will find local fruits and vegetables, flower shops, bakeries, butchers, craft markets, magic shops and collectibles.

There are so many specialty shops both inside the market and outside across the street.

I really love these paintings and the rustic wooden frames.

Stop and watch the cheese making process inside the building or through the window at Beecher’s.

Walking through the market is a lot of fun but can be a little intense, especially on the weekends. If you aren’t a fan of big crowds then maybe go on a weekday, off season on a cold, rainy day. Who am I kidding…it’s probably going to be busy then too.

If you’re hungry you have your choice of over 80 restaurants from fine dining to take out and everything in between. The choice is a hard one and sometimes you have to stop, pull out the phones and consult with Yelp to make a decision.

Pike Place Market is located at 1st Avenue and Pike Street, overlooks Elliot Bay and is open everyday year-round except for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Visit The First Starbucks Store while you’re there.

For more info go to pikeplacemarket.org

Fremont Sunday Street Market

One of my favorite things to do on a beautiful day is to stroll through outdoor street markets. Seattle gives ample opportunity for this, especially on Sundays.

The Fremont Sunday Market was founded in 1990 and modeled after European-style street markets. It’s located at 3401 Evanston Avenue N. Seattle,WA. in the artsy little neighborhood of Fremont. It is open every Sunday, year-round.

Not only can you find yummy street food for humans, you can give your dog a treat as well. This food truck specializes in it and if you are a human you can only get a drink and “goodies”. I’m not sure what the “goodies” are but I opted not to find out and to go somewhere that specializes in people food. It’s adorable though!

There are more crafts and food trucks here than produce stands but it’s more fun that way anyhow.

The Fremont Hypermarket was interesting, it’s packed full of vintage everything. We found some good deals on non vintage clothing items as well.

This quaint little market is the smallest of the three and is off the beaten tourist path. We didn’t have to push our way through any crowds.

Try the hot “milk tea” at the “bubble tea” stand, it’s delicious and it’ll keep your hands warm on a chilly day.

If you like a more laid back relaxed atmosphere then this is the place. When you’re done meandering through the market make sure to take a walk around the fascinating neighborhood of Fremont, it is, by the way, the center of the universe you know.


Ballard Sunday Farmers Market

We were excited about checking out this market but not exactly sure where it was, so we entered Ballard Market in the GPS and proceeded to follow. It said that we were within a few blocks away so we grabbed the first parking spot we could find and started walking. Three blocks later we arrived at Ballard Market all right, but not the Ballard Market we were hoping for. Much to our amusement we had arrived at the grocery store. Oops! About face and back to the car for round two. Apparently we should’ve been more specific.

We made it!

The Ballard Farmers Market, also only open on Sunday, is located in “Old Ballard” on Historic Ballard Ave. 5345 Ballard Ave, N. Seattle, WA. to be exact (write that down). Ballard Farmers Market is a “green market”, open year-round and hosts over a hundred vendors.

Ballard Market is a little more “hopping” than Fremont but still not overly crowded like Pike Place.

Here you will find all the organic, locally grown and handmade foods that you can handle.

There are fresh fish and shellfish stands along with tons of street food vendors to pick from.

The local street musicians will entertain you while you shop.

What an enjoyable place to spend a Sunday afternoon.

They have the freshest produce here as well.

In all of my life I swear I never knew that brussels sprouts grew like this. Apparently I’ve never seen one that didn’t come out of a bag in the freezer section. I actually googled how brussels sprouts grow after I left the market and yep…this is what I found.

They’re so beautiful!

In case you’re interested in growing your own mushrooms at home, you can buy a Grow-at-home Mushroom kit. I would sooo do this.

I sure hope that is lamb, pork AND yogurt and not lamb and pork yogurt, which is how I read it the first time. That doesn’t sound at all appealing. I do wish I would’ve tried the sheep milk cheese though…. maybe the Blue Ewe…because it sounds the coolest.

I definitely don’t want to try the lamb/pork yogurt though.

This is a wonderful market in a beautiful neighborhood. I would encourage anyone to spend a Sunday afternoon here.

The atmosphere was friendly and the weather was perfect, what a lovely time we had at the farmers market.

You will find some really unique goodies at the Ballard Farmers Market, that’s what makes it so special.

If you’re looking for something fun to do on a Sunday in Seattle I would suggest visiting the Sunday Farmers Markets.

For more information on the farmers market in Ballard as well as the Madrona and Wallingford districts visit sfmamarkets.com.

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