Code of Conduct for Travel Advisors

May 2021

Welcome to GloboLoko


As a place where Travel Advisors share travel insights with travelers around the world in real-time, GloboLoko Travel Advice is all about establishing real human connections. To make sure that these connections are safe, productive, and enjoyable we have set up this Code of Conduct.

The GloboLoko Code of Conduct contains quality standards and basic guidelines for advising. GloboLoko Travel Advisors are expected to adhere to the GloboLoko Code of Conduct. Not meeting these standards and guidelines will result in an incompatibility to work as a GloboLoko Travel Advisor and may lead in your removal from the platform.

When acting as a Travel Advisor there are five core standards to adhere to: Be Passionate, Be Yourself, Be a Good Listener, Be Professional and Pay Attention to Safety.

1. Be Passionate

Passionate advisors are the heart of GloboLoko. Our promise to travelers is to help them find personal, authentic, and unique travel experiences. Our advisors should be passionate about the topic they are advising about. The best advice you offer is likely based on your personal experience or is about topics that you have special knowledge about.

As a Travel Advisor, you are expected to communicate your passion with travelers by:

  • Knowing your topics and destinations in depth and doing extra research in case necessary.
  • Being fully present during the communication, for example avoid getting delayed to answer or provide information.
  • Being open and reactive to the feedback you receive from travelers and GloboLoko.

2. Be Yourself

Connecting with people is part and parcel of our mission to help travelers have more personal and authentic travel experiences. Just as travelers would meet other travelers and locals during their trip and ask them for advice, we will be there to advise travelers at all stages of their journey. It is important that the traveler can feel they are talking with a real human being and not with an automated program or bot.

Also, share the personal insights that only you as an insider can know. Remember that travelers signed up for our service because they are looking to experience something they could not do by themselves! Provide an authentic insight by sharing a unique perspective on your location, unveiling secret gems, and sharing the real soul of the destination you are advising about. Only you can know and share these things!

3. Be a Good Listener

When advising a traveler about a trip, it is important to understand their travel situation, needs and desires clearly. While some questions are clearer than others, when you have a clear picture of what the traveler is looking for, you will be in a better position to provide a satisfactory advice. These are some things to pay attention to when advising:

  • In case you are not sure what the traveler is looking for, your best bet is to ask for clarifications.
  • Giving extra advice and tips will never hurt. Going the extra mile can make a huge difference for them.
  • Be aware of cultural differences and that different people can have different norms and expect different behaviors. Always keep an open mind and stay service oriented. Even if a conversation does not seem to flow, keep calm when interacting with clients.
  • At the end of the conversation, check if the question has been answered before closing the conversation.

4. Be Professional

Be welcoming and friendly in your communications, and be yourself, but always keep it professional. In the end, the travelers we are advising are paying for a service and expect a high of standard of customer service. We are there to help them along their journey.

Travel Advisors are expected to adhere to the following standards:

  • Communicating with travelers and everyone on the GloboLoko platform in a polite and respectful manner. Do not speak about others disrespectfully for any reason, but especially not because of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or nationality. It’s also probably best to avoid discussing controversial topics, such as politics.
  • In case you are confronted by inappropriate behavior from a traveler, please notify your contact at GloboLoko and we will deal with the situation accordingly.
  • Unless required for trip planning purposes, please refrain from asking questions about gender, sexual preference or religion.
  • Strive to respond to communications in a timely manner and be understanding when others may take longer than desired to reply.

5. Pay Attention to Safety

Travel Advisors should be committed to safeguarding travelers whenever possible. The following standards apply:

  • GloboLoko Travel Advisors should always inform travelers of any safety risks related to their travel plans.
  • Do not encourage participation in prostitution, human trafficking, or any activities that are illegal under local law.
  • Travel Advisors must never be intoxicated when providing travel advice.
  • We do not encourage meeting in person, especially not in one-on-one meetings. It is allowed to invite a traveler to a public or private group event that you are also part of. However, if you agree to meet someone from the GloboLoko platform in person, please be careful and take common-sense precautions. For example, do not go alone, notify others of your plans, and set a public meeting place.