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Bridges around the world

Bridges are magical. Bridges are found all around the world. They can connect you from one country to another, one state to another, one continental to another. Let’s face it bridges are important to all travelers. Here are a few famous bridges we have seen around the world.

Travel is the bridge between you and everything.


Bridges around the world: Europe

Whether you walk across on the lower level with the cars or go to the top and look down as you cross the river Thames on the Tower Bridge in London, England, you are sure to have an amazing view.

Bridges around the world - Tower Bridge in London, England
Bridges around the world - London Bridge

Under the water tunnel bridge connecting England to France in just 3 hours.

Bridges around the world - Tunnel Bridge connecting England to France

Is it a Chateau, or is it a bridge? It’s both. See this beauty in Chenonceau, France. Then drive over to Beauugency to see this bridge across the Loire River. The next few bridges are in Paris. Pont Alexandre III, Pont de Bir-Hakeim, formerly the Pont de Passy, and Pont Neuf.

Bridges of the world - Chateau de Chenonceau in France.
Bridges around the world - Bridge over the river in Beaugency, France
Bridges around the world - Pont Alexandre III in Paris, France.
Bridges around the world - Pont de Bir-Hakeim, formerly the Pont de Passy in Paris, France.
Bridges around the world - Pont Neuf Bridge in Paris, France

The Bridge of Sighs in Venice, Italy, lead prisoners from court to their prison. Prisoners would look out the windows and sigh at the last sight of the water, sun, even their lover outside before descending into the prison. Be sure to shop along the Rialto Bridge in Venice.

Bridges around the world - Bridge of Sighs in Venice, Italy
Bridges around the world - Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy

The Little Belt Bridge is a strait between the island of Funen and the Jutland Peninsula in Denmark. The Great Belt Bridge is a strait between the major islands of Zealand and Funen in Denmark. Search for the trolls all around Denmark when you come to visit.

Bridges around the world - Great Belt bridge in Denmark
Great Belt

Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland. From the belfry/ top to the crypt/ bottom don’t miss this Cathedral and of course the passage over Winetavern street.

Bridges around the world - Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland.

Cross the river Vltava from the old town to the Prague Castle via the Charles Bridge in Prague. How many statues can you count?

Bridges around the world - Charles Bridge in Prague

Bridges around the world: USA

You may have heard about the Bridges of Madison County, or maybe you saw the movie. We visited Iowa and had to stop at a few of the covered bridges for pictures.

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco covered in fog, a normal day in the life of this beautiful bridge. *** Travel Tip: Take a jacket, the water makes it chilly.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma there are several bridges. Here are a few we like. The first picture is of the bridge across West 23rd street. Then we have the 11th street bridge on the famous Route 66. Finally, we have a picture of the crossing bridge for The Gathering Place.

Bridges around the world - West 23rd street bridge in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Bridges around the world - 11th street bridge in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Bridges around the world - The Gathering Place in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Before you go, looking for bridges around the world, be sure to read our blog on travel tips here.

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