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Travel Writer, Blogger, Photographer or Influencer?

Join GloboLoko as a Creator.

Let's Create a Stellar Social Travel Platform Together


A Global Community of Travellers and Creators

Reach travellers around the world and connect with other travel creators.


Earn From Your Content

Creators earn royalties of up to 75 percent of gross profits based on page views.


Get Editorial Support

We will give you editorial support like proofreading, brainstorming about travel topics and SEO guidance.

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One Platform, Many Possibilities.

Travel Guides

In-depth travel articles to guide travellers

Share your unique local insights and guide travellers to explore their destination beyond the usual tourist attractions.


Travel Spots

Recommend what's hot and what's not

No more scrolling through hundreds of questionable listings. Together we recommend the spots that are worthwhile for travellers to visit.

Travel Photographs

Show the world through your eyes

Great travel photography is about telling a story. Let a place come to life with your photographs. Collaborate with writers to create stunning travel guides.


Travel Advice Coming soon

Show travellers what's happening locally

We believe travel content creators are also the best travel advisors. Offer your travel advice service through chat and video calls and earn from your travel insights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your question not there? Mail us at

We welcome all writers, bloggers, photographers and influencers who are passionate about travel to join GloboLoko as a creator. The most important thing we are looking for in content creators is that they know who they are and what they stand for. We encourage creators to express themselves and the values they stand for.

In addition, we welcome creators from around the world from all different backgrounds. It’s our vision to be a truly global community of content creators where creators from all ages, walks of life and backgrounds are represented.

We are looking for travel content in the following categories:

Travel Guides – Various types of travel guides & stories like destinations features, special interest articles, roundups and more.

Travel Spots – A section where Creators share tips and advice about the best sights & attractions, food & drinks experiences and places to stay.

Travel Photographs – A great article always needs great visuals as well. Travel Photographers can submit their photographs to be included in the Travel Guides or upload them to a destination.

Realtime Travel Advice – Creators can become real-time travel advisors to all visitors of our platform. We believe passionate travel content creators are also the best travel advisors. Through a paid subscription, travellers can ask for any travel advice about their destination to participating Creators. On our live chat, Creators provide travel advice about the destinations and attractions they have in-depth knowledge about, and Creators will earn 75 precent of the subscription fees.

Check out the Contributor Guidelines for more information about the content we are looking for.

Yes, you can still join. We always look at the quality of the content when reviewing an application, so if your content is up to the mark, you can become a GloboLoko Creator.

So, whether you are a first-time blogger or a seasoned travel content creator, we would love to hear from you.

Yes, you can.

If you sign up as a photographer, we will send you a notification when there is a travel guide thats needs photographs. You can then send in your submissions. It’s as easy as that!

We strive to be more than only a platform to publish travel content and also add value to our members by fostering a community. This is how we do that:

Firstly, when creating content, Creators collaborate and provide feedback to each other. The writer starts the article, a photographer joins to add the photographs and finally, an editor checks the article to ensure the quality. Throughout this process, we encourage everyone to give feedback so that everyone can grow as a content creator.

Secondly, you can connect with other community members when you are travelling or host others in your home town to create travel content together.

Thirdly, we will be launching GloboLoko Academy soon where you can find lots of recourses to help you create better content.

We value your input in this. So, if you have any ideas for features to make our community better and more fun, just let us know!

Awesome! The first step is to fill in the application form here, we will then review you application and get back to you in 3 days. If all is good, you are all set to create travel content on GloboLoko.