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Benefits for Content Creators

Join a Global Community of Creators

We are a community of travel Content Creators around the world. Collaborate with other great writers, photographers and editors to create stunning travel guides. Meetup with other creatives when you are travelling or host others in your home town.

Monetize Your Content

Content Creators earn royalties for their content from page views. GloboLoko royalties are distributed based on the net revenues collected from ads, affiliate booking fees and subscription fees. We share up to 75 percent of our gross profits.

Get Exposure

Content Creators get author credits when their content is published including author bio and web/social links. Great for increasing your online visibility. Let us be your platform to get your content to the right audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We welcome all writers, bloggers, influencers, photographers and editors who are passionate about travel to join GloboLoko as a contributor. The most important thing we are looking for in content creators is that they know who they are and what they stand for. We encourage contributors to express themselves and the values they stand for.

In addition, we welcome creators from around the world from all different backgrounds. It’s our vision to be a truly global community of content creators where creators from all ages, walks of life and backgrounds are represented.

We are looking for travel content in the following categories:

Travel Guides & Stories – Various types of travel guides & stories like destinations features, special interest articles, roundups and more.

Travel Tips – A section where contributors share tips and advice about the best sights & attractions, food & drinks experiences and places to stay.

Travel Photographs – A great article always needs great visuals as well. Travel Photographers can submit their photographs to be included in the Travel Guides & Stories and Travel Tips.

Realtime Travel Advice – Contributors can become real-time travel advisors to all visitors of our platform. We believe passionate travel content creators are also the best travel advisors. Through a paid subscription, travellers can ask for any travel advice about their destination to participating contributors. On our live chat, contributors provide travel advice about the destinations and attractions they have in-depth knowledge about, and contributors will earn a share of the subscription fees.

Check out the Contributor Guidelines for more information about the content we are looking for.

There is not a set amount but there are 3 ways to earn from your content on GloboLoko:

1. When publishing Travel Guides & Stories and Travel Tips

We share 75% of our ad and affiliate marketing gross profits with the contributors of the articles based on the ratio of page views of each article.

Each Contributor shares in the total commission per article based on the following percentages.


* The division between the Photography and Text part is based on the ratio between Photographs and Text, where one image is equal to 100 words. Example: an article with 2,000 words and 10 images will have a Photography part of (10*100)/((10*100)+2000) = 1000 / 3000 = 33,33% and a Text part of 2000 / ((10*100)+2000) = 2000 / 3000 = 66,66%.

Example calculation:

  • €1000 total ad and affiliate marketing gross profit in April
  • 100 article page view in April
  • 1000 total page views on GloboLoko in April
  • 2000 words
  • 10 photographs
  • Editor share Text 25%
  • Editor share Photography 5%

Total article gross profit in April = €1000 * (100/1000) = €100

Text part = 2000 / (10*100 + 2000) = 66.67%
Photography part = 10*100 / (10*100 + 2000) = 33.33%

Writer share = 75% * 66.67% * (1-25%) = 37.5% = €37,50
Photographer share = 75% * 33.33% * (1-5%) = 23.75% = €23,75
Editor share = 75% * (66.67% * 25% + 33.33% * 5%) = 13.75% = €13,75
GloboLoko share = 25% = €25,00
Total = 100% = €100

2. When we syndicate your content

In case we syndicate your content to other parties and we earn a fee out of these arrangements, you will share in 50% of those revenues. For example, if we distribute the travel article to other publications or sell products in our Etsy shop.

3. When you join us as a Realtime Travel Advisor

Contributors who also join as real-time travel advisor through the live chat system share 50% of the revenues from subscription fees.

When creating content there are 3 main roles: Writer, Photographer and Editor:


  • Each piece of content starts with a content idea pitch.
  • Pitches are reviewed based on their content quality and relevance and we either approve or deny the pitch. When your pitch is approved, you can start writing the first draft.
  • When the first draft is ready, an Editor is linked to the article. The Editor starts a feedback loop with the Writer and checks the draft for grammar, spelling and content quality.
  • (Optional) If the article needs more photographs, Photographers are notified to submit photographs.
  • When the Editor has completed his or her edits, GloboLoko publishes the article and distributes it. We typically publish articles within one month.


  • When joining GloboLoko we ask Photographers to list the countries, regions, cities, sights and attractions that they have covered before.
  • We use this information to notify the photographer if there are articles that need images that match those locations.
  • Photographers can submit their photographs to be included in the article.
  • The submissions are reviewed and the Editor chooses which photographs will be used.
  • When the Editor has completed the whole article, GloboLoko publishes the article.


  • We encourage all Writers to also be involved in editing the work of others.
  • When the first draft from the Writer is ready, an Editor is linked to the article.
  • The Editor starts a feedback loop with the Writer and checks the draft for grammar, spelling and content quality.
  • (Optional) If the article needs more photographs, the Editor notifies the Photographers.
  • After completing the editing, the Editor notifies GloboLoko that the travel content is ready to be published.

There is no minimum number of articles to publish. Some of our contributors publish a few articles to build up their portfolio just when they have some time available, while others contribute several articles each month. So the number of articles is up to you.

We do have some expectations and we do ask for some commitments from you as a contributor.

Firstly, when publishing content on GloboLoko, for contributed texts we require an exclusive publishing right, for visual contributions (photographs and videos) we require a non-exclusive publishing right. This is necessary in order to optimize the content for SEO purposes and to be able to distribute your content in the best possible way.

Secondly, all content submitted must be based on an unbiased and independent opinion and not based on any form of sponsored assignments such as press trips and paid promotional activities for brands or locations.

Yes, you can still join. We always look at the quality of the content when reviewing an application, so if your content is up to the mark, you can become a contributor.

So, whether you are a first-time blogger or a seasoned travel content creator, we would love to hear from you.

Yes, you can.

If you sign up as a photographer, we will send you a notification when there is a travel article about destinations or attractions you are covering that needs photographs, and you can then send in your submissions. It’s as easy as that!

We strive to be more than only a platform to publish travel content and also add value to our members by fostering a community. This is how we do that:

Firstly, when creating content, contributors collaborate and provide feedback to each other. The writer starts the article, a photographer joins to add the photographs and finally, an editor checks the article to ensure the quality. Throughout this process, we encourage everyone to give feedback so that everyone can grow as a content creator.

Secondly, we can connect you with other community members when you are travelling or when others are visiting your home town.

Thirdly, we will be launching GloboLoko Academy soon where you can find lots of recourses to help you create better content.

We value your input in this. So, if you have any ideas for features to make our community better and more fun, just let us know by sending a message by email or chat!

Awesome! The first step is to fill in the application form here, we will then be in touch to schedule a 15-minute introduction video call. If all is good on both sides, we can proceed with signing the terms and conditions and then you are all set to contribute.