Charls Travels Hi! We are Charlon and Charlotte, both from a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea called Malta, more specifically Gozo. Right now, we are in our final year of getting our degrees. Unlike what seems to be the normality of pursuing a career after graduating, we believe that there are plenty of opportunities out there which can be missed because of what is expected of you. That’s why we are taking on our aspiration to pack all of our stuff in a 60L backpack and travel the world full-time as soon as we finish our studies. The date we have in mind to start travelling full-time is 1st October 2020. At that time, the target is to complete a personal challenge in Europe while backpacking through the continent until December. After that, the plan is to start covering Asia while working short-term in hostels and taking every opportunity to earn some extra cash. We created Charls’ Travels to take you on this journey with us. Through our regular posts, we’ll share with you our experiences, highs and lows so when it’s your turn to visit, you’ll have a platform to refer to.

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