At, travellers have access to a large collection of independently written Travel Stories and Travel Tips for the best local things to do, food & drinks experiences and places to stay. The Travel Stories and Tips are written by a diverse group of travel writers, travel bloggers and other travel enthusiasts. We want to give travellers insights into local life and inspire them to further explore the places where they are travelling. Visitors can also quickly and easily find practical information about our Tips, such as how to get there and a price comparison of the booking options, and build a travel plan for their trip.




To enhance travellers’ experiences by creating the world’s largest collection of independently written Travel Stories and Travel Tips.




To be the gateway to the latest local travel insights, trends and experiences for the global travel community.


Our core values:


Diversity – The act of travelling enhances our understanding of the world and who we are as a person ourselves. We travel to experience the world, see new cultures, broaden our horizon and meet people with different perspectives than our own. Once travelling and experiencing the differences, we also find out we are all the same regardless our specific background; we want to be seen, loved and heard, we want safety and good health, we want our children to get their education and reach their full potential.

At GloboLoko, we celebrate diversity as the thing that makes each of us unique. Our collection of Travel Stories is written by a diverse group of travel writers, travel bloggers and other travel enthusiasts, each of them offering their own unique perspective of how they see the world. We aim to have a well-balanced collection of Travel Stories covering as many backgrounds and perspectives as possible.

The flipside also holds, at GloboLoko we do not accept any form of harassment, intimidation, violence, and discrimination based on gender, race, colour, religious beliefs, national origin and sexual orientation.


Independence – We do not accept any of our content to be influenced by company marketing or promotions for locations. The Travel Stories and Tips are written independently and provide an unbiased opinion. GloboLoko is written by travellers and for travellers.


Social Impact – These days, awareness of the importance to take our social responsibility towards the world is growing. The same goes for travelling. We want to travel in a way that also protects the local cultural, economic and ecological environment of the host destination. We encourage writers who include these perspectives in their Travel Stories and Tips as well. In addition, we have made a commitment to invest 25% of our annual profit in our Social Impact Investment Travel Fund, through which we support travel start-ups in developing countries to build their capacity to receive a more equal share of the benefits of international travel for local economic development. More details will follow.