GloboLoko is a startup and online platform where the best travel writers and photographers around the world share their personal travel experiences, insights and highlights. We are on a mission to connect travellers with their destination and inspire them to find authentic travel experiences.

We want to give travellers a window into local life. We want to help travellers get under the skin of their destination. We want travellers to experience a personal connection with the people and places they come across while on the road.

Our travel guides, stories and tips are packed with the most relevant, trusted and up-to-date travel insights to show how other travellers and locals have experienced your destination. Our global network of travel experts is also available through a 24/7 live chat to provide personalized travel advice at every stage of your trip.

So wherever you travel, with GloboLoko, the possibility to connect is always at your fingertips.

Our why

Today, more and more travellers are looking for an authentic experience while traveling. Whether its through immersing themselves in local life, meeting fellow travellers, or exploring local culture, history and food scenes, the most popular travel trends like nature tourism, backpacking, solo travel, workcations, volunteering, sustainable travel, and experience travel, all have in common a desire to have an authentic experience.

Having an authentic experience is about more than booking a great Airbnb, having a private city tour or visiting the top tourist sites. Whether you’re staying in a luxury hotel or do couch surfing, whether you’re a tourist or expat, whether you’re into meeting people or exploring nature, authenticity is about having a personal connection with the people and places we come across while on the road.

Getting to know a place and finding those personal connections is definitely one of the great joys of travelling. But as seasoned travellers, we know what its like to arrive at a place for the first time. It can take months to get a feel for what the place is really about and figure out where to go, what to do and where to stay.

Unfortunately, we cannot manufacture these personal connections for you, you still have to get out there on the road to find those special windows into local life. But, what we CAN do is set you up in the best possible way to find those personal connections at every stage of your trip.

Just as you would talk with locals and other travellers on your journey, we want to help you get under the skin of your destination like lightning, inspire you and put your destination in a new light by sharing our own personal travel experiences, insights and highlights.

So whether you are visiting a place for a few days, weeks or months, GloboLoko will be there to connect you with your destination.

Our core values

Diversity & Inclusion

We celebrate diversity as the thing that makes each of us unique and we will do everything in our power to ensure everyone feels included. We see travel as playing an important role to increase understanding and reduce prejudice.

Sustainable Travel

Travelling is great, can elevate us and reinvigorate our perspective on life. But, travelling will also always have an impact on the cultural, economic and ecological environment of the host destination, either positive or negative. At Globoloko, we want to increase awareness about how we can travel more sustainably and maximize the inclusive growth potential of the travel sector.


We do not accept any of our content to be influenced by company marketing or promotions for locations. Our content is written independently and provides an unbiased opinion.

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